Follow The Money: City Of San Diego 2018 Campaign Contributions

Search every itemized contribution made from Jan. 1, 2017, through April 21, 2018, to support political candidates, ballot measures or independent expenditure committees that have raised or spent more than $10,000 in San Diego campaigns.

Campaign committees don’t have to reveal contributors who gave them less than $100 in an election cycle. As of May 16, 2018, the database contains 5,919 contributions totaling $11,904,934. It does not include miscellaneous cash increases or loans.

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*Some committees’ names have been edited for clarity. To see the full names click on the “Data” tab below.

Source: San Diego City Clerk's Office

Credit: Data by Leonardo Castañeda, Graphic by Brandon Quester


Competing Mission Valley stadium measures gear up for expensive campaign fight

by Leonardo Castañeda, inewsource

San Diego voters should brace themselves for a high-dollar contest this November when they’ll be asked to decide between two competing stadium measures to transform prime city-owned real estate in Mission Valley.

It’s six months before that election, and three campaign committees have already raised more than $7.4 million to spend on the ballot measures.

The SoccerCity proposal calls for the city to lease the 166-acre SDCCU Stadium site and the 50-acre Chargers Park facility on Murphy Canyon Road to FS Investors to build a soccer stadium, a river park, housing and retail space. The plan would also set aside up to 30 acres for San Diego State University. Eventually, the development firm could buy 79.9 acres of that leased land.

The SDSU West proposal lets the city sell 132 acres of the stadium land to SDSU. The school would use the land to build a smaller football stadium, as well as housing for students, faculty and the public, and some retail space. The school would also develop a river park on the remaining 34 acres.

If voters approve both measures, the one with the most votes would win.

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Some campaign committees’ names have been edited for clarity. Here are the full names:

  • Friends of SDSU (SDSU West): Friends of SDSU, a coalition of San Diego State University alumni, business and community leaders | Previously: Friends of SDSU opposing SoccerCity.
  • GOAL (SoccerCity): GOAL: San Diegans for the River Park School Funding Soccer and a Tax-Free Stadium-A Committee to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium site sponsored by MLS SD Pursuit LLC.
  • No on I: Hard Working San Diegans for Earned Sick Days and Minimum Wage-No on I, A Coalition of Community Non-Profits, Employee Orgs, Local Busns, and Faith Based Orgs.
  • Public Land, Public Benefit: Public Land, Public Benefit, a coalition of San Diego taxpayers, community planners, local businesses, and education, park & environmental advocates. Supported by Mission Valley property owners. Major funding by H.G. Fenton Co. and Sudberry Properties | Previously: Public Land, Public Vote, a coalition of San Diego taxpayers, community planners, local businesses, and education, park and environmental advocates. Major funding by H.G. Fenton Co. and Sudberry Properties.
  • Yes! For a Better San Diego: Yes! For a Better San Diego - supported by a coalition of downtown tourism and lodging organizations, civic and community activists and homeless advocates. Sponsored by the San Diego Lodging Industry.

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