San Diego County’s campaign finance data is hard to search. We’re here to help.

By Jill Castellano | inewsource

In 2006, the city of San Diego began allowing political campaigns to electronically file their financial reports, giving the public easy access to information on money in city politics. The county of San Diego wasn’t as quick to make the same kind of information available and continues to lag behind the city’s efforts. 

The county didn’t require campaigns to e-file until 2015 — nine years after the city. An inewsource analysis shows 41 percent of the county’s campaign finance reports have been e-filed from January through March, compared to 67 percent of the city’s reports.

“Considering that just a couple years ago that zero individuals were e-campaign filing, 40 percent is absolutely a great mark thus far,” said county Registrar of Voters Michael Vu.

The city’s system isn’t perfect, but it’s easier to search than the county’s. So inewsource has compiled the county’s e-filed reports into an easy-to-use searchable database that includes money raised and spent by campaigns since January 2017. inewsource will update it throughout the 2018 election season.

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