Issa’s And Peters’ Voting Records Show Contrasting Degrees Of Party Loyalty

This table lists the percentage of the time a House member voted against her or his party. The scores reflect data for the current Congress (Jan. 2015—Present).


Issa’s and Peters’ voting records show contrasting degrees of party loyalty 

by Joe Yerardi | October 17, 2016

San Diego-area Congressmen Darrell Issa and Scott Peters don’t have much in common beyond being the incumbents in San Diego County’s only seriously contested Congressional races.

For one thing, there’s party affiliation. Peters is a Democrat while Issa is a Republican.

For another, there’s tenure. Peters is fairly new to Congress, having won his first election in 2012 while Issa has been in the House since winning office in 2000.

Add another difference to the list: their propensity to buck their party.

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