Outside Spending: San Diego County 2018 Election

Political action committees can spend unlimited amounts of money supporting or opposing candidates for office, as long as they don't coordinate with those candidates.

Scroll through or search the table to see how much money is being spent by outside groups in three heated San Diego County races: 49th Congressional District, district attorney and 4th District Board of Supervisors.

Candidates for the 49th Congressional District have raised $11 million, and $5.8 million has been spent by outside groups.

The two district attorney candidates have raised $803,000, while $3.2 million has been spent by PACs to support or oppose them.

In the supervisor's race, candidates have raised $1.3 million, and $915,000 has been spent by outside groups.

Source: San Diego County Registrar of Voters Office


Outside spending ramps up as Tuesday’s election approaches

By Jill Castellano, Leonardo Castañeda | inewsource

With the election Tuesday, groups are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in San Diego County’s most competitive races.

These groups are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money as long as they don’t coordinate with candidates’ campaigns. And they’re spending big in three races: the 49th Congressional District, county district attorney and county Board of Supervisors District 4.

Will that outside money make a difference in swaying voters? Jessica Levinson, a campaign finance expert and professor at Loyola Law School, said the donors certainly think so.

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