Party Loyalty Among San Diego County’s U.S. House Members

This analysis of congressional data by ProPublica shows that since the start of 2017 Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, votes against his party more than twice as often as San Diego County’s other members of Congress. He ranks 16th in the House for his propensity to vote against his party.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, has been the most loyal to his party this term. He has announced he will not seek re-election in his 49th District. The county’s other four House members are running for re-election in 2018.

Scroll through or search the database to compare their voting records. Data accurate as of March 6, 2018.


San Diego County’s House members: How loyal are they to their parties?

By Jill Castellano | inewsource

As the filing deadline to run in California’s June primary approaches on Friday, inewsource examined the voting records of San Diego County’s five members of Congress.

Among them, Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, is by far the most likely to vote against his party.

Peters has voted against his fellow Democrats 13.6 percent of the time since the start of 2017, according to ProPublica’s analysis of congressional data. That ranks him 16th out of all House members in his propensity to vote against his party.

During that same period, the county’s other members of Congress — Democrats Susan Davis and Juan Vargas and Republicans Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter — have all voted more than 90 percent of the time with their respective parties.

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