Incumbent Myrtle Cole finishes second in tight San Diego council race

by Leonardo Castañedainewsource | July 5, 2018

The tallying of votes in two close San Diego City Council races ended Thursday, with challenger Monica Montgomery finishing first ahead of Councilwoman Myrtle Cole by six votes. They’ll both compete in the November runoff to represent the southeastern San Diego district.

In the race to replace Councilman David Alvarez in the city’s southern district, three votes separated the second- and third-place candidates, an outcome that could lead to a recount. But if the vote count stands, the November runoff will be between Vivian Moreno and Antonio Martinez.

The primary was June 5, but the county Registrar of Voters Office has been continuing to count mail-in and provisional ballots since then. Certified election results must be sent to the secretary of state by Friday.

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Despite incumbency, Councilwoman Cole could be underdog in fall election

by Leonardo Castañedainewsource | June 14, 2018

Has San Diego Councilwoman Myrtle Cole become an underdog in her re-election bid?

She barely came in first in last week’s primary, capturing about 200 more votes than Monica Montgomery, who finished second in a four-person contest to represent the southeastern San Diego council district.

Other numbers that show a less-than-enthusiastic embrace of Cole: Almost 61 percent of the people who voted in the primary supported someone other than Cole. Montgomery also won 28 of the district’s precincts, just five shy of Cole’s total. 

That’s all despite Cole having a commanding money advantage over Montgomery and the backing of the San Diego County Democratic Party, which spent about $37,600 supporting the councilwoman.

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