San Diego Living Wage Law Compliance Reviews

The San Diego City Council approved a living wage ordinance in 2005 as a way to increase wages and health and leave benefits for employees of city contractors. The living wage is adjusted annually based on inflation. Including benefits, San Diego’s fiscal 2018 living wage is $14.95 an hour.

From fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2017, the city did 77 reviews to determine if its contractors were complying with the living wage law. Click on the findings to be taken to the compliance review report. Use the search bar in the upper right to filter the data. Click on a column header to sort by that field.

Source: City of San Diego Equal Opportunity Contracting


San Diego kept doing business with company that overbilled it, skirted living wage law

by Leonardo Castañeda, inewsource

San Diego city officials kept doing business with a janitorial company even after a 2016 audit found the contractor overbilled the city almost $33,000 and violated the city’s living wage law and California’s labor code.

A 2014 audit also showed the company, Prizm Janitorial Services of Escondido, violated the living wage law by making all of its workers independent contractors, not employees. At the time, the city referred its findings about Prizm to the fraud division of the District Attorney’s Office, but no case was filed.

Despite these repeated violations, the city’s Public Utilities Department continued doing business with Prizm until this past November. The company also has contracts with other local governments, including the Metropolitan Transit System, San Diego County, Carlsbad and Santee.

After San Diego’s 2016 audit found violations by Prizm, the company refunded the $32,915 it had overbilled the city for services that were never provided. It also paid its workers $7,973 in back wages and leave time owed under the living wage law.

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